Automation Solutions

Automation Solution is transforming the way we handle everyday tasks. Integrated solutions for comfort, utility and entertainment, intelligent systems in transportation, and connected systems of industry 4.0 are fueling this change. Smart systems, data, and connectivity also have a role to play in enabling automation that touches our lives daily. At SR Unique, we are helping our customers realize their goals in this journey. Our thought leadership, quality service and customer centricity values are focused towards the success of our customers. SR Unique's offerings and solutions cater to:

  • Comfort, security and facility automation
  • Social Infrastructure automation
  • Automation of Factories and Manufacturing

Product Development

SR Unique offering is speeding up the development, optimizing operations, and enabling transformation in its clients efforts. With 25 years of experience in sensor networks, communication, embedded systems, multimedia, data services and analytics, SR Unique is a partner of choice for clients in realizing new hardware to complete systems.

What we provide

SR Unique’s range of innovative solutions for various industries are developed with deep customer insights and offer customers quick development and deployment of their solutions with lower costs and optimized asset utilization. Such solutions include for example building energy management solutions for enterprises, motion tracking solutions for automotive and insurance companies, and personnel tracking and health monitoring wearables for consumers.


Services we offer

SR Unique’s service offerings are aligned to the key constituents of encompassing product ideation, product engineering, user interface development, cloud enablement, mobility enablement and analytics.


Automation Solutions