Folinn VFD Specifications


Input Voltage:

3 Phase ,440V +/-15%

Input Frequency Range:

47 to 67HZ

Power Factor :


Control Performance:

Control Mode:

V/F Control, Non-PG Vector Control (SVC),PG Vector Control

Operational Command:

Keypad, Terminal Control, Serial Communication

Frequency Reference:

Digital, Analog, Pulse Frequency, Serial Communication, Multi step speed, Simple PLC, and PID

Over load Capacity:

150% Rated Current for 60Sec,180% rated current 3s.

Start Torque:

0.5Hz/150 %(SVC),0Hz/180%(FVC)

Speed Adjust Range:


Speed Control Accuracy:


Carrier Frequency:

0.5 to16.0khz ;automatically adjust carrier frequency according to load characteristics.

Frequency Resolution:

Digital Setting for: 0.01Hz, Analog Setting: Max Frequency X0.025%.

Torque Boost:

Automatic Torque boost.

Acceleration& Deceleration Mode:

Line (or)S-Curve

Jogging Control:

Jog Frequency Range: 0.0Hz to 50.0Hz

Simple PLC& Multi step Speed Operation:

Built in PLC or Control Terminal,16 Step speed can be set.

Built in PID:

Built –in PID Control to easily realize the close loop control for the process parameters.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):

Automatically maintain a constant voltage when the voltage of grid changes.

In Put Terminals:

1) 6 Programmable Digital inputs, it can be extended to 4 digital inputs

2) One analog input 0-10V.

3) 2 Voltage Input 0-10VDC or Current input 0-20ma.

Out Put Terminals:

1) 1 open Collector Output, it can be extended to 1 high speed pulse output.

2) 2 Relay Outputs.

3) 2 analog Outputs: Voltage output o-10VDC or Current output 0- 20ma.

Human machine Interface:

LED Display Can set Frequency, Output frequency, Output voltage, Output Current.

Protection: IP20
Cooling: Forced Air Cooling.