Fruit Ripening Solutions

All climacteric fruits like banana, mango, papaya etc. need to be ripened artificially after harvesting. Ethylene induced ripening is the only safe and approved scientific method.

SR Unique has strong domain knowledge in developing and promoting user friendly system for set up of fruit ripening plants. We assist our customers for optimum layout design of chambers which minimizes material handling.

We support our customers for sourcing avenues of raw fruits, grading, sorting and cleaning by virtue of our extensive experience in working with farmers and large fruit whole-sellers.

We provide onsite training for effective fruit ripening process, better ethylene and gas management, which is very crucial for delivering best ripening results.


  • Perfectly safe to use. Guarantee against any fire hazard possibility.
  • Resilience to the power failure. Alternate operations as backup to prevent fruit loss during power failure.
  • Extensive support and service network across India through branch offices and partner setup
  • Cost saving through release of minimum optimum required quantity of gas in chamber using differential dosing logic. Thus higher fruit ripening capacity per cylinder of ethylene gas compared to any other ripening controller across competition
  • Available in all sizes and automation types depending upon fruit types and user need.
  • Best price coupled with unbeatable quality.