Heating & Cooling Solutions

SR Unique offers heating products to match all heating needs of domestic, commercial and Industries. Our products satisfy the heating/hot water needs from individual houses to large industrial establishments. As a pioneer in the field of heating systems, SR Unique introduces products that play a key role in reducing overall energy costs.

Features and Benefits

  • High performing three-pass cast iron section.
  • 3 stars efficiency according to EN 92/42 CEE
  • Digital control panel suitable for connection to open therm remote control and outdoor probe
  • Evolved digital interface for settings and monitoring of CH-DHW temperatures and advanced features (economy, outside temperature compensation, troubleshooting)
  • Self-diagnostic micro processor
  • Central Heating frost protection system
  • Easy-to-maintain thanks to hinged combustion chamber door
  • The careful design of the boiler body geometry, to ensure an optimum ratio between the combustion volumes and the heat exchange surfaces.
  • The choice of materials used, in order to grant quality and long-lasting operation
  • 6 bars maximum operation for a high thermal efficiency
  • Can be supplied with a thermostatic control board equipped with EBM system (Efficient Boiler Management), featuring a controller for the boiler and the circuits management
  • Handles single stage, two stages, modulating burners


  • Hotels / Resorts / Hospitals
  • Laundry
  • Swimming Pools
  • Industry Hot water systems (Pharma, Automobile, FMCG)

Cooling Solutions

Heating Solutions