AC&DC VFD Servicing
PLC & HMI Pogroming Support.
Concept Design Based on Requirement.
All Control Panels Service Support.

Testing Instruments:

a) AC/DC Universe Relay Test Kit.
b) Thyrister Tester.
c) Zero Speed Monitoring System

Our services is a crucial term in the Conceptualization development. It is through product engineering that the future of a product is decided. The purpose of Product Engineering is to consistently and innovatively perform a well-defined engineering process that integrates all products activities to effectively and efficiently develop correct, consistent products.

SR Unique Services help product organizations design, build, test, and maintain high quality and reliable products, components and modules that significantly lower development costs, shorten timelines, and decrease risk. We also offer assistance during the concept development phase (more specifically during product definition, and functional requirements and architecture phases).

SR Unique offers services for all stages of the product development lifecycle, from product conceptualization to quality assurance.

Our core focus areas and capabilities include the following:

Product Conceptualization:

  • Write product marketing/business requirements specifications, system requirements specifications and functional specifications
  • Identify and design key features
  • Select architecture and design
  • Provide UI prototypes

Product Architecture Consulting

  • Construct the technology foundations needed to build robust products
  • Consult on Enterprise Application Integration, Distributed Computing, Transaction Management
  • Select architectural styles and patterns

Product Design and Implementation

  • Draw a development strategy
  • Integrate and customize products to meet requirements
  • Train the end-user on product skills
  • Reinforcing product best practices
  • Testing for any technical issue

Quality Assurance

We have a dedicated Coe that caters to the unique QA needs of an ISV. Our QA services are delivered by a team of domain experts, business analysts, QA metric specialists, and specific-skill consultants, ensuring strict adherence to quality criteria even in an environment of rapidly changing requirements.

We also provides documentation services delivered by experienced practitioners in the event that no prior formal documentation exists as is sometimes the case when time to market is the key to market leadership.