Technical Specifications of Thyristors:

Available Ratings:

3KW Single phase to 100KW Three phase

Available Configuration:

Single phase, Two phase, Three phase (3 or 4 wire star and 3 or 6 wire delta)

Control Action:

Phase angle control (self synchronized)

Control Signal:

(4-20)mA / (0-10)VDC / Potentiometer

Output Voltage:

0 to 230VAC or 0 to 415VAC variable voltage proportional to the control signal.

Smooth Control:

Adjustable Ramp Up and Ramp Down Time for soft increase and decrease of output voltage.

Current Control:

Using on card Current Limit and Trip settings. Settings For adjusting voltage and current per phase using on card presets.

Load Type:

Suitable for both resistive and inductive / transformer load (15A to 500A @230/415 VAC)

Supply Voltage:

240/380/415 VAC, 50/60 Hz. (User should specify)

Power pack:

a) Semiconductor fuse per phase – to protect thyristors against short circuit condition. RC snubber / MOV across the SCRs to protect against transients.

b) Thermal cut out switch on the heat sink – to protect thyristors against over heating

c) Cooling fan on heat sinks for thyristors above 50Ampere

d) Heavy duty input/output terminals or Copper Bus bars for supply and heater Connections.


Power pack can be mounted on the base plate of the control panel Partners In Measurement And Control